Hi, this is the EYLF Outcomes all in one document and numbered in sequence. Created by Preschool Teacher in Charge, Tracy Groom, Nhulunbuy.
Any queries please contact Gayle Chamberlain from Nhulunbuy.

Hi these are the parts of our program we shared today- Kim and Karen (Rosebery)

Hi there.
Here are the formal planning, assessing and recording sheets that I have for my Program - Working Document for Semester 1 - it is at Elaborations level. [Sorry Lauren - haven't got the Yr 2s in it]
I have also included my Yearly Overview for Maths Transition/ Yr 1 class - this is set up to be a fluid and flexible overview to cater for disruptions that can occur at my school
If you do like and use/ adapt any of these documents, can you please share some feedback to me as I'm doing my HALT this year and would appreciate any of your suggestions and feedback. Thanks Sue Heysen [Warruwi School] :)

Hi everyone, I've had a go at creating a planning overview of 4 pages for Transition (should be printed off back to back on A3. Some are saved as A4 so please adjust your printing size). I've tried to connect all Transition documents under the umbrella of EYLF. There would also need to be a pedagogy statement regarding EYLF to ensure the 3 EYLF elements are considered in planning. The idea is for teachers to highlight their planning throughout the term on these 4 pages and use it to drive weekly/fortnightly planning. Ultimately I was hoping that teachers didn't have to plan whilst surrounded with documents they were referring to, that this would condense the information (while still referring to the documents as necessary). Please have a look and see if it's useful and what changes could be made to make it more useful. They're in draft form as they need quality assurance with the AC/EYLF links. Still it's a starting point, what do you think? cheers Tracie Donovan